Treebo Hotel

AMR Tech Park

38 000 sft
Build date
Treebo Hotel
Design Planning Built

Light, airy and open were the various elements that were important for Treeboo Hotel's office interiors. Treeboo Hotels are India's first branded budget hotels and has a presence in over 75+ metropolitan cities with over 400 hotels offering their services. Affordability and transparency being the key elements of their business we at DesignArc decided to adopt the same for their interiors.

Treeboo's office was a whopping 35,000 sq feet of space and it gave us enough and more space to experiment with an evocative design that would reflect the vision of the company. The open lounge area of Treeboo's interiors gave its visitors an entire view of the workspace, which fits with its mission statement of being transparent with its clients.

We created a separate mission control area where discussions, meetings and brainstorming can take place. Designed to resemble an island with transparent glass doors, it has relaxed ambience with comfortable sofas, whiteboards and chairs.

The open workspace is ergonomically designed with wide space tables and comfortable chairs – a productive space where creativity can rule the roost. Right outside the workspace a mini lounge area with comfortable sofas kept back to back ensures that the employees are never too stressed to take a break.

The boardroom is an airy, light space with long light brown wooden table and cream white chairs. The wall is decorated with graphics that bring in colour into the room.

The pantry is a minimalistic dream where one would love to take a break with high chairs, cushions and tables.

We also designed a few open tables and alcoves to keep the seating fluid and loose and allow the employees the option of trying a new space, once in a while.

The fluid design of Treeboo's interior space ensures great productivity and promotes efficiency while keeping the employees happy and content.

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