Tech mahindra


26000 sft
Build date
Tech Mahindra
Design Planning Built

Tech Mahindra is a globally well-known company that offers innovative and customer-centric technology services and solutions. A US $4.4 billion company with over 117,600+ professionals across 90 countries and 840 global clients, Tech Mahindra is the face of the connected future today.

Design Arc took up the challenge of designing the working environment for Tech Mahindra and the final result was nothing less than stellar. Spacious workplaces with open cubicle design were conceived and executed as per the precise specifications given by the company. The design enables the employees to be a part of the collective and yet assert their individual efficiency. The neutral colours of white and yellow add a certain calmness to the d├ęcor while the shades of grey bring out the inherent difference which adds a rather interesting component to the environment. Ergonomic chairs and sturdy table make the interior of this company comfortable, productive and efficient.

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