6400 sft
Build date
Incubex / Shadowfax
Design Planning Built

On a mission to build the first-ever logistics gateway for businesses, Shadowfax wants to connect over a million micro entrepreneurs and suppliers in logistics using their singular platform/IOTs and to bridge the information gap, inherent inefficiencies across the value chain.

For Shadowfax, we decided to keep things vibrant and colourful which is in line with their own brand image. The foyer is pretty functional and informal with a few pendant lights hanging down, a large couch and a few chairs clustered around an iron table topped by glass. A metal rack with a few random shelves carrying small pots of flowers makes the area feel green, fresh and clean. It also clearly demarcates and separates the area from the general pathway.

The workstations are clean lines of grey and black with an open station style that fosters easy communication, camaraderie and also promotes air circulation. For each row of workstation a lone orange cushioned stool is placed to break the monotony of work.

The conference rooms are designed with comfortable orange coloured chairs with beautiful potted flowers on the table. Smaller conference rooms are snug and intense with small-sized projectors on the wall.

The pantry is a delightful open space with long tables under a row of pendant lights and long bar stools to sit, socialize, eat and have fun. Informal meeting rooms have been designed for employees to sit down, brainstorm and bounce ideas.

One feature that would stand out in our design is the presence of green plants all over the office. Shadowfax's interior design was thoughtfully conceived to reduce stress, increase productivity and reduce sickness & absenteeism. We were also asked to make the interiors more attractive and conducive as a place to work and to boost creativity.

We at DesignArc felt that only by introducing plants and flowers in every room, nook and corner in the design can we achieve all this and more.

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