With over 20 years of experience in interior design, our team of experts offers guidance and consulting service. Be it a new building or a remodelling project we can go over the plans and offer the best possible solutions to subvert challenges that come your way.

Our professional team are known for their innovative and creative designs and they bring in a great deal of experience that can help you design the best possible space for your project. We believe that a good interior design should have elements that combine practicality, safety, convenience and aesthetics. Conceptualising such plans requires long years of experience in designing different types spaces for varied purposes. We also provide consultation services for furnishing the space. Our consultants are experts in minimalistic designs that offer maximum space and yet doesn't clamp down on comforts.

Using 3D rendering, our experts can give you a real-time feel of how a particular space would look after it's been built/furnished. Our creative team has ample experience in providing valuable inputs to your design and can help improve it with innovative planning. We believe in keeping the client's requirements in mind while we design the space and strive to work under the budget provided and yet provide the best of quality workmanship to any and all projects that we undertake.


Often enough, it's difficult to find people with the right experience. Where building projects are concerned, finding the right team to work along, makes all the difference in the world. That's why we offer our team of experienced engineers who can provide comprehensive environmental, mechanical, civil and electrical engineering service to the clients and oversee the project from end-to-end.

With the world going green, we have a team of engineers who can help you build a green building with sustainable materials and design spaces with zero waste. Our team is comprised of experienced, creative and innovative engineers who can conceptualise, design, build and are adept in problem-solving. From residential to commercial or retail, our team has managed many types of project – building from the scratch to remodelling and refurbishment jobs that require a lot of innovative thinking and creative challenges that they love to surmount. They say that building that stands the test of time are those that have been built with the right engineering principles and our team of engineers are out there to achieve just that.

Procurement and Construction

Design Arc takes pride in the fact that we can source and procure different types of furniture and décor elements that are needed for interior design projects. Antique, eclectic, modern or minimalistic, we have the best vendors at our disposal from China, Singapore and abroad who are well-versed with the modern trends and can procure/make the accessories that we have envisioned for space.

Often enough, we might have a great design or plan in mind but can't bring it to fruition because they are unable to fill the space with the right kind of accessories. This is where Design Arc's team can pitch in with their experience. Our interior designs reflect the personality of the people who would be living in the space and the accessories that we choose for them would be tasteful and sophisticated.

Design Arc also has a talented team of carpenters, painters and design specialists who can work on any hands-on design that the client demands. We take pride in our flawless execution and great craftsmanship and to that end, we engage the very best in the industry to work on our commissions.


Design Arc offers Project Management services where our team will monitor end-to-end building projects for residential, commercial and retail spaces. With over 20 years of experience in the building industry, our team comprises of many dynamic professionals with unique skill sets that combine innovation and practicality to fuse into a vibrant partnership. Project Management of any real estate project not only requires the necessary know-how but also in-depth knowledge of the approved plans, client's requirements and the right attitude to tackle problems on the ground level.

Our team of professionals has years of experience in conceptualising, designing and planning many building projects. We can take on the project right from the designing and pave the way for smooth execution until we hand over the keys of the building to the client. Our team of interior designers can work along with you to furnish the space with the right décor. We have undertaken many end-to-end turnkey projects and have completed them on time and within the said budget for many prestigious clients. Our team excels in ensuring that the project gets completed on time and works on many nitty-gritty details of the design to ensure complete execution.

IT Infrastructure

We offer a range of IT Consulting and IT Outsourcing services including Infrastructure Management, IT Strategy & Consulting, Network Consulting, Enterprise Security & Risk Management, IT Process & Security Management, Surveillance Solution, customized to meet your unique business needs, so you can stop worrying about technology and focus on your business.

Providing efficient IT Infrastructure solutions to complex and varied environments is our forte. We possess necessary expertise to provide solutions that meet your current and future business needs. We leverage your existing investments and resources while proposing scalable, cost effective, best of breed solutions which deliver value, to enable your business to compete effectively in your market domain. We architect and implement these solutions to meet your specific deadlines and budget solutions. All engineers and designers have expertise in more than 2 domains. We collaborate with clients to provide accelerated solutions, combining unparalleled expertise with an innovative team. We have provided customers with technology solutions that help them do more. In short, you can rely on us as your trusted advisor, for all your IT Infrastructure Products and Services. We will strive to provide all your IT infrastructure needs under one roof.

After Sales

Design Arc also offers a 'after sales service' for all their clients and takes on the upkeep of the interiors that they have designed for over five years. Good maintenance is the key that keeps any space vibrant and colourful, and to that end we extend our professional experience in helping you with the upkeep of the space.

Our team of experts maintains, repairs and services the furniture and accessories that we have procured for you during the project and keeps it spotless and functioning for you round-the-clock.