Saif Partners

EGL Bangalore

6500 sft
Build date
Saif Partners
Design Planning Built

SAIF Partners is a stage and sector agnostic private equity firm in Asia that manages over $4 billion in the capital with offices in Hong Kong, China and India.

Designarc got the opportunity to create the interiors for Saif Partners office in Bangalore and it was an end-to-end solution that included intuitive design planning. We designed comfortable workstations, a creative lounge, a small conference room and lounge nooks for the employees to rest their brains. Airy, comfortable and pleasant, the workspace is a delight to sit in not to mention productive and efficient. We chose colours that reflected the brand image of Saif Partners and integrated them into the d├ęcor. In each space, we ensured there was a sudden burst of colour to keep the area vibrant and productive. Ergonomic furniture ensured comfort while the light fixtures were unobtrusive and efficient and the end result was a professionally designed space where work was at its optimum level.

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