Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems

Pride Hulkul, Bangalore

24500 sft
Build date
Design Planning Built

Mitsubishi Hitachi Power System is a Thermal Power Plant company founded in 2014 when they integrated Mitsubishi Heavy Industries with Hitachi. Their thermal power generation and environmental technologies are world-class solutions offered to customers all over the globe.

To design the interiors for this company, we went in for a clean minimalistic look that would give the employees reflective space and clutter-free environment to work on. Pleasant and remarkable the colours chosen for space reflects the brand identity of the company. Working on principles of an open office, we eliminated closed cubicles and designed work desks that were more open and relaxed. The conference room is a formal space wherein presentations and meetings can be done comfortably. The room is furnished with ergonomic chairs and long desks that aids in productivity and efficiency of the organization. Cubicle rooms for managers are neatly carpeted and have an airy atmosphere about them that is productive and comfortable.

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